How to taste a Koch el Mezcal

  • Observe our bottle, on the ticket you will find our Brand, Agave species, Alc. %, content, name of the mezcal master, production zone, and batch number.
  • When serving the cup you start perceiving the aromas emanate, initiating with it your tasting experience.
  • You can drip some mezcal in the palms of your hands and rub them to really perceive the smell of the agave plant. You will find hints of earth, smoked and toasted nuances in the smell depending on the type of plant used and its transformation process.

  • Primarily it is essential to let the palate adjust slowly. First take a small sip and rinse the mouth for a few seconds to get used to the alcohol percentage. After this first approach you can start enjoying your mezcal sip by sip.

  • You can very clearly perceive the evaporation and evolution of the aromas and flavors of the mezcal in your mouth with every sip. With every new sip you are likely new flavors and experiences

  • Exhale the vapors through your nose and perceive a new range of aromas and flavors in the aftertaste.

  • In Oaxaca mezcal is enjoyed with calm and appreciation.
  • If at the end of the tasting you start talking a lot and your happiness has increased considerably, you are probably under the influence of mezcal.