Proyecto social, ambiental y culturalmente responsable

WE ARE DRIVEN BY ONE OBJECTIVE: promoting community work that benefits equally all parts involved in the project. With this we are able to drive the improvement of our living standards and encourage permanent occupation within our communities and regions, thereby reducing the rural exodus and emigration phenomenon in Oaxaca. As a company we promote fair trade, we recognize and support the efforts of our suppliers, employees and freelancers. Our production team, mainly composed of indigenous families, is united in this project with people from all over the world, blending all sorts of different cultures. We make equal distribution of benefits a reality within our work and thereby obtain commitment and constant improvement of the team as a whole.

To reduce environmental impact we have come up with guidelines under which the whole productions process is governed: Agave self-sufficiency, sustainable use of water and forest resources and a proper waste management. We have an environmental improvement plan which includes the optimization of the use of natural resources and heartens ecological respect.

We share our customs and experiences with pride. We live mezcal throughout our lives, it accompanies us in our joys and sorrows, we are born, die and are reborn with it. It revives us for eternity using always the famous phrase; “Para todo mal mezcal, y para todo bien también.” Or “For all the bad things mezcal, and for the good things too.”